RV Generators: Blessing or Curse?

The first thing that may come to your mind about RV generators is that they are loud and obnoxious. Or, depending on who you are, and where you are in life, the first thing you think of may be how wonderful they are in making it possible for you to enjoy many of the comforts of home while on the road. It's really a matter of perspective I suppose.

When I was younger I used to take my family camping at State campgrounds. We had either a tent or a small pop-up trailer. RV generators were only part of our experience because the rich folk that pulled in next to us didn't seem to mind it when their noisy generators would turn on and run forever. As is typical of the self-interested, whatever they could do to make their own situation more comfortable, they would gladly do. It always seemed to me like they never gave any thought to anyone else but themselves. We learned to endure it and never put up a fuss to anyone about it. We languished while they lavished. That is what we perceived back then.

The years soon clicked by and I got older, and richer, I bought a big fat RV. And guess what it had? Two big RV generators. What a hoot! Now when I pull into camp grounds all over America I take a little guilty pleasure in pulling in next to campers who are having their fun in tents and little pop-up trailers. As the heat of the day attacks the poor folk next door, we sit back in our lounger chairs, watch the big screen, sip on a cold one, and listen to the satisfying purr of the RV generators as they keep the cold air conditioned air flowing freely all around us. That is what we perceive now.

So which is it? Do RV generators bless or plague? I suppose it is both, and ultimately a question that will be answered differently depending on who you ask. Whether they are a good thing or not isn't the most important question anyway. What matters most is that for those who desire one of these for their own enjoyment, that they have one sufficient to run the many conveniences that modern RV'ers have come to rely on. Let's face it, "camping" with an RV is a totally different proposition than camping with a tent. RV'ers want their comforts, and they want them now.

I have come to view camping as much more than restless nights spent trying to sleep on rocks and roots, no tv, no microwave, no electronic entertainment devices, and no power anything. Oh yes, camping now means popping popcorn for a movie, sleeping in air conditioned comfort, and power whenever and for whatever I choose. It is about having all the conveniences and not having to sacrifice much of anything. I admit, it is a pretty spoiled and self-interested perspective I have these days. I make no apologies either. Whether RV generators are a blessing or a curse depends on whether you have one or not. Forgive me a little selfish grin.


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